Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's been such a lomg time.. still dreaming in color

Babies can really smudge up your manicure life.  Wouldn't trade it for all the nail polish in the world.
He just turned 3.  He is a lot of trouble.  He even found my helmers in the basement a couple times.  Went right for the Rescue Beauty Lounge of course.  Farewell Opague Nude and Starry Night.  :(

Here is a polish I bought almost 2 years ago from a store on Etsy called Indie Nail.  At least I think Etsy was the place.  Been so long I cannot recall.  It's called Dream in Color.  I put it over Ulta's Smoke Screen.  Dream in Color is unlike any polish I have.  It's tiny, multi colored, matte speckles.  Like a glitter in a clear laquer with no sparkle.

Dream In Color -Indie Nails
over Smoke Screen -Ulta

I have not purchased much nail polish in the last few years.  I got a couple PapaRazi at CVS last week.  Ying and Yang (?) and Never too Rich both crazy glittters.  

So what is new with you?  Any nail collections or trends you're excited about?  Do tell!

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