Saturday, April 30, 2011

Biggest Giveaway I've ever seen!

Late notice, but if you haven't entered Mon Coin a Moua's 1000 follower giveaway, go now!


Speaking of giveaways, I've got something planned for you guys in celebration of my blog's 100+ followers. I've been pretty sick lately and not up to blogging. Hopefully, I am on the upswing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fresh Air Fund, nothing to do with nails, everything to do with giving a kid a break

Can you imagine never, ever having spent a day outside of New York City? Never once playing in a back yard? Imagine not knowing the joy of catching fireflies on a summer night.

Recently, I was contacted by Sara Wilson of The Fresh Air Fund about sharing a way you can help a kid enjoy a vacation away from the city. You can donate or offer to be a host family depending on where you live. It sounds like a really great experience and a good cause. I'm seriously considering hosting a child in 2012.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Swatches, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Borrowed this idea from a fellow MUA'er. I hot glue toe nail tips onto popsicle sticks. This is a few Zoya, a few Essie and almost all OPI. I have a lot of painting ahead of me.

Essie Better Together

Essie Better Together, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Part of Essie's latest bridal collection for 2011. I like it! It is pretty even after 3 coats. A little sheer, I wish I'd used something under it to keep my discolored tips from ruining the look.

What do you like to use as "underwear"?

Dot Art FAIL

Dot Art FAIL, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Not very happy with this one. Too many colors I think. Don't even recall what I used. Mostly Nubar Pastels and China Glazes spring collection from 2010. That grey polish is fantastic, though. Its SH Xtreme Grey Area. Love it!

Zoya Marley

Zoya Marley, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Pretty, pretty color. Love the result. Getting it on the nail isn't as easy. The formula was goopey and thick. I got some bubbles on the left hand, too. Zoya and bubbles seems to be a reoccurring theme for me.

Essie Body Language

Essie Body Language, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

This polish is awesome! I'm very happy I finally bought it. It applies great (3 coats) and looks great! There's something so edgy and fresh about these sorts of colors. Fashionable without being flashy.

Zoya Nikki

Zoya Nikki, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

This polish was just eh. It just has that mauve-grandma look. It has a subtle green flash in it, but not enough to make it exciting.

China Glaze BFF

China Glaze BFF, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Never wore this one before. I have a bunch of the OMGs, but I've sort of ignored the pinks in my collection. This one is fabulous! Cool, girlie pink.

Starry Night Franken

Starry Night Franken, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Very happy with this franken, It looks jelly-ish and sparklie! No idea what Essie Starry Starry Night really looks like, but I like this!

China Glaze BFF

China Glaze BFF, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Essie Sugar Daddy

Essie Sugar Daddy, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

This has to be the least streaky sheer pink I have ever used. It leaves a nice clean look. This must be at least 3 coats. I just wish my tips were so yellowed.. makes them look like a cheesy orangish yellow, ewwww!

Navy Holo franken

Navy Holo franken, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

This is fabulous! They just don't make holos like they used to :( Its Pink Rose Diamond plus WnW Nocturnal