About Me

I was a long time cuticle nibbler and nail biter. Prior to my destructive habit's birth, I was into nail polish when I was middle school age. I used to go to Woolworth's and my mom would buy me all sorts of colorful polishes in neons, brights, and pastels. I would paint my friends and my own nails with crazy designs... I'm not even sure I'd heard the term nail art back then. As I grew older life became stressful and polish seemed to become less interesting. I learned polish contained icky chemicals during pregnancy with dd1. I swore off all unnatural cosmetics.

In summer 2009 I noticed some great polishes out there, Zoya specifically. I discovered them on the Miss K's blog, owner of Armoaleigh mineral makeup. They were BF3, something I never thought possible. Impulsively, I began searching the internet for polishes and reviews of polishes. I discovered Scrangie's blog and MUA's nail board (Makeup Alley). I saw those gorgeous pictures of natural nails. I never knew natural nails could look so perfect. I read and studied and was determined I could take control of my nails! Unfortunately, I hesitate to recommend MUA any longer. That site has become a huge downer since this past summer 2011. Some envious, sad, little people decided we were too happy, too cheerful, and having too much fun. So they had to go an ruin it for all of us.

I know many people preferred the old chemical laden polishes, but I do not see the appeal. Today's polishes seem to be more vibrant, more opaque, and come in a larger variety than ever before.

Aside from my polish obsession, I'm a mom, wife, pharmacist, seamstress, knitter, audio book fanatic, cat lover, etc... I love learning new things and skills.

I hope you enjoy the swatches as much as I do.

Love & Polish,

-The Nail Narc