Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yea the tree is still up

Kahtara, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

only put it up 4 days before Christmas, so I don't feel its overdue...

ChG Sea Spray

ChG Sea Spray, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

ChG Sea Spray

ChG Sea Spray, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

2 coats. I love the hidden shimmer!

Nubar Fire Sparkle

Nubar Fire Sparkle, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

I recently bought the entire Sparkle collection. I am so very pleased with it. I think Nubar might be in my top 3 favorite brands.

OPI Black Shatter over Nubar Fire Sparkle

OPI Black Shatter over Nubar Fire Sparkle

Looks like lava.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish-Blogger Award

I'm so honored that Angelique, of Polished Wasteland, tagged me with this award. My first award! Thank you, Angelique!

Here's the rules associated with it:

this award comes with rules. They are:

1. Thank and link the person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about the award

7 Things, hmmm

1. I'm a audio book junkie! I've listened to about 400 hours of books in the past 12 months. Often while painting my nails! I'd be glad to share my favorites with you. I enjoy fiction and non-fiction, anything related to history is amongst my favorites. Oh and post-apocalyptic zombies! Haha!

2. I've never held the same job more than 6 years. I've worked in the same profession for 16 years.

3. I was a cuticle nibbler and nail biter up until summer 2009.

4. I taught myself to sew and knit in 2003 and 2004, respectively.

5. I drive a Subaru WRX, stick shift of course! I do not fear snow. I prefer backroads to highways This is the 4th Subaru I've owned.

6. I live on the same parcel of land I grew up on, but I've moved 7 times.

7. Learning new skills and just plain learning is my passion. I get bored if I do something for too long.

Now to tag 15 bloggers.

1. The Dutch Nail Blog
2. Frazzle and Aniploish
3. Mon Coin a Moua
4. Nail Noir
5. Kitty Luvs Color
6. NuVola
7. Blue Tape and Nail Tips
8. Rainbows and Blues
9. The Phalanges Files
10. Polish Insomniac

OK that's just 10... see what I mean about getting bored? More later!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OPI Black Shatter over Jade is the New Black

OK now I am convinced, Black Shatter is the coolest thing... well so far this year! Its only January, though.

I've never used crackle polish ever, but from what I hear they can be a bit finicky and difficult. Black Shatter must be Crackle for Dummies, because it couldn't be easier to use. The only things you have to remember is to apply it over DRY polish and the apply a top coat after the Black Shatter has "crackled". Otherwise, it dries matte and will flake off.

I've experimented with tons of combos on nail wheels. I'll try and post some of those for you. Very soon I plan to do Black Shatter over Nubar Fire Sparkle. Just like lava! So cool!

OPI Black Shatter over Jade is the New Black

OPI Black Shatter over Jade is the New Black

OPI Black Shatter over Jade is the New Black


Gypsy, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

My girl Gypsy. Those warm, chocolate brown eyes seem to see right into your heart.

OPI Jade is the New Black

OPI Jade is the New Black, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Even after a year I'm still loving this green cream. Its the perfect between bright and dark. This is 2 coats and the application was very good.

Misa It's You!

Misa It's You!, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

A whole bunch of blue flash visible here, but also some of the pink, too.

Misa It's You!

Misa It's You!, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Misa It's You!

Misa It's You!, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

You can see both the pink-rose flash and the blue in the picture. Not my favorite polish, but still way cooler than just a regular gun metal grey polish. Fabulous formula, as always.

Nfu-oh 56 over OPI Yodel Me on My Cell

Not a whole bunch of flakie goodness is visible in the photo, but it was way cooler in real life. I got so many compliments on the manicure at work. It looked really metallic and then the flakies made it even better!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NOPI Di-vine is Divine + Glitz & Glisten

This combo is probably my favorite of the Nicole OPI collection. The Di-vine is Divine I found at Wal Mart. I'm not sure if its exclusive to WM, but I didn't see it at Target. Glitz & Glisten is part of the exclusive holiday collection that Target had in 2010. They look like they were meant to go together. I've worn this combo more than once.

ChG Lemon Fizz

ChG Lemon Fizz, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Yellows and oranges always make my skin look purple in photos! This is 3 thick coats and you can see the bubbles that formed. I don't know why I felt the desire for yellow in January. My husband commented on the odd choice for this time of year.

NOPI Di-vine is Divine + Glitz & Glisten

NOPI Di-vine is Divine + Glitz & Glisten

Zoya Stacey

Zoya Stacey, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Now that I see the pictures, this looks a heck of a lot like Orly Plum Noir! I love these sorts of colors. Its a fair bit darker than I expected based on the bottle and color drops. It looks quite vampy on me, almost black, but definitely not black.

Misa Be My Lover

Misa Be My Lover, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

I'm so impressed with this formula. It was streaky and needed 3 coats, rather thick coats. I was worried it wouldn't dry fully and would dent, but it dried so quickly and completely. I don't think the color compliments my skin tone very well, but I received a few unexpected compliments. It seems like a slightly lighter version of Zoya Sweet.

OPI Yodel Me on My Cell

OPI Yodel Me on My Cell, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

3 coats. Very good formula, but it doesn't wow me. Ack look at that dry skin! Its slightly duochrome. A wee bit greener or bluer depending on the angle. Its has that frosty shimmer visible in sunshine or bright lighting, that was so popular in fall 2010 collections.

RBL Teal

RBL Teal, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Flawless application. It did chip the next day, though :(

It is a fair bit darker than I imagined it would be. It can almost look black in lower light.