HG Products

I want to tell you about some of the products I can't live without. They may not work the same for you, but I would highly recommend these.

1. Poshe 4 in 1 basecoat
It moisturizes and stops my nails from peeling, as much.

2. QTICA Cuticle Balm
I hate the container, but LOVE what's inside. I thought I could get along without it this winter, WRONG! After just a few days of using it, my hangnails were GONE! It’s magic.

3. Glass File
I love my OPI files. I, also, like the Nailteks, but OPI is less expensive. I tried a Swissco and it was too rough for me.

4. QTICA Overnight Hand Repair Balm
This stuff is magical, too. My hands were looking a little sad this winter, but not anymore.