Monday, September 13, 2010

Lookie what was found this morning!

Callie, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Kitten is doing great! She and Sparkles are best friends. We decided to name her Katara.

Dh found this helpless little kitten while working on my mom's pool. We think we will name her Callie. I'd say she is no more than 6 weeks old or so. She was very hungry and frightened.


  1. poor little girl, she is too cute! that was so awesome for you to take her in :)

  2. Oh what a beautiful baby! How wonderful that you took her in. We have a recent homeless adoptee kitten as well. He was about 5 weeks when my husband found him along the highway on his way home from work. He's our Charlie now and has a forever home with me. So sad that homelessness is so prevalent among cats and dogs.