Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Nubar Meadow Sparkle + Nubar Grass Green Glitter + NOPI Brilliant Idea

The other day at Target I picked up Nicole by OPI's Brilliant Idea. This is part of the Target Exclusive Spring Collection. I really am liking these Target Exclusives! On its own, Brilliant Idea is a monochromatic glitter, made up of mostly micro glitter and a pinch of larger particles in a clear base. Its a spring green color that is leaning very yellow. Its pretty all on its own and can be worn by its self in just 2 coats.

I, of course, wasn't satisfied. In this manicure I layered one coat of Nubar Meadow Sparkle, which is very close to Brilliant Idea, perhaps slightly less yellow and more cool in tone. Then 1 coat of Nubar Grass Green Glitter, which is a bright, true green emerald color. Then I put NOPI Brilliant Idea on last.

The combination gives it a lovely depth. Its all green, but varying shades.


  1. Totally gorgeous! great layering..

  2. Beautiful mani!! I just wanted to tell you I am your 100th follower :) Congrats lol

  3. Ooo wow Morgan, you're right! This may mean I have to do something special! Hmm what to do?