Thursday, December 1, 2011

MUA: I need to express my sadness & frustration

I really don't know exactly what happened. In fact it was my DH who initially noticed there was much drama at MUA a few months back, since MUA nail board used to be my home page on my lap top. It no longer is...

 I can tell you what appeared to happen in my mind.

 I used to enjoy going to NB. It was like a non-stop party. Even on the weekends, in the evenings we'd share advice & pictures & stories & hauls, crack jokes, have a lot of fun and almost never at other's expense. The kind hearted ladies there never picked on others or teased or made fun of people. Not the usual mean-spirited fun you often find on the internet.

 Apparently, though, there are those who feel so lousy about their lives’ and themselves, that they can't stand it if other people are not miserable as well. So, they came and they trolled NB and complained. Not because they even cared about the community, atmosphere, or content of nail board. They did it, because they are truly miserable people who couldn't stand that we were having fun, something they don't know how to do.

 So, yea I'm pissed off. They went and ruined something good, something that gave me joy.

 Yea I've been using message boards and the like for around 15 years now... and nothing good ever lasts forever in cyberspace. I guess I ought to be used to it by now. It’s so trivial and petty, but I just needed to say it somewhere where I am allowed to say it without being censored.

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  1. I agree. It's not the same board anymore and I don't go on it as often as a consequence. I tried the "new board", but didn't like the format. Bummer. I miss the old days on the nail board.