Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two of my favorite polish companies start with O's

Unfortunately, one of those companies is a great big bully! So I just might not be purchasing as many of theirs as the other company's.

Orly just doesn't get enough love out there. Most of their polishes have applied and worn fabulously! Major exception that comes to mind is Polo Princess. I'll likely be sending that one to Zoya for the awesome exchange this month and the next.

Plum Noir is one of my favorite Orlys. Its vampy, its purple, its oh so shiny! These photos are under an Ott lamp. It is slightly more reddish and a bit darker than here.

Recently, I got one of my lemmings fulfilled. I am a sucker for blue flash, especially with pinks. OPI La-Paz-atively Hot is very hot! Its bright, but not neon. I love it!

So, as you might know, Trans Design is being sued by OPI for copyright infringement. TD is liquidating their OPI stock, so I felt I needed a few things, some of which I'd probably not find anywhere else again.

New York Summer Amaranth Green is back in stock, so I grabbed 2. Then the OPIs are:

Have You Seen My Limo?, What's With the Cattitude?, Fiercely Fiona, Ogre-the-Top Blue, Funky Donkey, Miami Beet, Florentine Fuchsia, That's Berry Darling, Red My Fortune Cookie, In My Back Pocket, A Grape Fit, I Pink I Love You, Isn't It Romantic?, Otherwise Engaged, Bare It In Trafalgar Square, At First Sight, Time-less is More


  1. I love Orly, too--La Playa is one of my newest favorites. I do rather miss the old trapezoidal (is that a word) bottles, though.

  2. Those bottles were sorta like a more angular version of Loreal's old bottles.. which I sort of miss, too. The new bottles just lack charecter. I love bottles.. I love square bottles, the most.. but they're all good in their own ways.