Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OPI Black Shatter over Jade is the New Black

OK now I am convinced, Black Shatter is the coolest thing... well so far this year! Its only January, though.

I've never used crackle polish ever, but from what I hear they can be a bit finicky and difficult. Black Shatter must be Crackle for Dummies, because it couldn't be easier to use. The only things you have to remember is to apply it over DRY polish and the apply a top coat after the Black Shatter has "crackled". Otherwise, it dries matte and will flake off.

I've experimented with tons of combos on nail wheels. I'll try and post some of those for you. Very soon I plan to do Black Shatter over Nubar Fire Sparkle. Just like lava! So cool!


  1. Muito, muito, muito lindo!!!!
    Só que eu não tenho :c(


  2. This is very pretty! I think this is the first shatter mani I've seen that I've actually loved.