Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nubar Fire Sparkle

Nubar Fire Sparkle, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

I recently bought the entire Sparkle collection. I am so very pleased with it. I think Nubar might be in my top 3 favorite brands.


  1. That is very pretty! where can Nubar be found at?

  2. Thanks ladies
    I should have mentioned, their glitters are super smooth, usually. I almost bought Color Clubs in place of these, but I hear they're gritty.

    Nubar can be found in salons, on ebay, and at their website

    They have good sales a couple times a year, usually 30% off. The sets are usually a good deal, you get 8 bottles for $49.95. If you like duochromes you'll want to see Nubar's, which are some of the best aside from Ozotic.

  3. Damn, that's hot! Nubar has some great glitters.