Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sinful Let's Talk & A New Furbaby

My camera hates this purple! It refuses to render it, as it is. I have tried multiple settings and cannot captures its true loveliness. Its so vibrant, shiny, and it is VIOLET! Not blue. Sunlight would perhaps be a good place to start, however, I am nocturnal. It is far more rich, deep, and shiny.

This photo shows the finish and depth, but look much too blue.
My sister, generously, gave us a puppy! He is almost 3 months old and oh so sweet! Her Havanese male and female had a litter of 5, right before Thanksgiving.
This is the Band of Merry Outlaws together, Gypsy & Bandit. Golden Retriever & Havanese, respectively. They've known one another since Bandit's first day, so there has not been much need for adjusting to each other.

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