Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nfu Oh Flakies

Nfu Oh Flakies are some of the most fun and versatile polishes out there. You can layer them or wear them alone. Every time I wear a flakie, especially Nfu Oh, I get all sorts of ohs and ahs over them. Not your common place polish. I'm not sure I've ever seen another person wearing a flakie in real like, aside from OPI Merry Midnight.

Nfu Oh is made in Korea. Its creator is Enfu Oh, who is passionate about nail art. You can visit her website here

Here are the polishes I bought from Fabulous Street, the only US retailer of Nfu Oh I know. I have heard you may be able to purchase them at small brick & mortar shops in ethnic neighborhoods, too.

These are flakies from the Victorian Series. The bottles are adorable and certainly Victorian.

Look at their corsets on the back!

The polishes, unfortunately, do not have any "names", just numbers. That makes it tough, for sometimes you're not sure exactly what your ordering, unless you can find some nice swatches. Which I plan to offer to you for the 5 polishes I have.

When I received my order I painted a layer of Wet n Wild Black Cream on a nail wheel so I could figure out which polishes had which effect, since with the clears, you cannot tell which is which.

I really like the clears, because I can use them over any polish and create a unique effects without losing the base color, unlike some other flakies I have used. Plus, the flakies are abundant and nice and big.

Observe! A favorite combo of mine, OPI Sapphire In the Snow + Nfu Oh 39.


  1. Oh I love that combo! Can't wait to see more!

  2. What`s the difference between 39 and 40? Is 40 greener?

  3. I think 39 is greener, actually. 40 is more blue & putple.

  4. I heard the flakies in #39 is not as much as #40. is it true?

  5. MiChelle, I think it is true, but the difference seems slight. Also, to my eye, the flakies in 40 appear more of a blue-green, whereas 39 they are more green, less blue. In the bottle I cannot see much difference and always have to look at my swatches to decide which is which LOL