Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Mani

Today marks the birthday of my nail blog! Let's celebrate!

My own birthday was month's ago, but I enjoyed this blingy mani for my *gasp* 36th birthday. I tend to avoid too much glitter when I am at work. For one thing, I am 36 and another I am a health professional. I worry what the little old ladies will think. Still, I challenge the notion anyone is ever too old for glitter! Some of the little old ladies tell me they wish they could paint their nails like mine. I tell them, "why couldn't you?". Really, by the time you're that old, if you haven't earned the right to tell anyone or anything to take a hike, because you'll do whatever you want, then you never will.

Sinful What's Your Name + China Glaze Techno

I adore large hex glitters. They are probably my favorite form of glitter. I think I just may need China Glaze Solar Flare, although, I am not really a gold sort of gal. I wish there were a larger variety of large hex glitter polishes. I have a couple Maybelline ones. One of these is like Techno and the other is bluish/purple glitter. These are the only 2 Maybelline polishes I own. I have been lemming Lippmann Happy Birthday, but I cannot bring myself to spend that much on that woman's nail polishes. If you're not familiar with the controversy over Lippmann and her Funky Chunky polish, search some nail blogs or MUA.

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  1. congratulations on the now blog!
    nice pics--
    and of course, I love the name! Nail Narc! Wish I'd thought of that :)