Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Borghese Fashionista

I picked these up at Rite Aid. The Fashionista display features 6 full size polish colors. I liked these 2 the best.

Almondine is an interesting polish. It is a nude cream with small darker particles. It, also, seems to have a little pinkish shimmer to it.

This first picture is under normal artificial lighting.

This photo is under recessed spotlights.

This photo is under an "Ott type" lamp.

Stellare Notte is a duochromatic polish. It appears as a blackened green/purple/blue. I took several pictures to try and capture the colors. This mani is a day or 2 old, so you can see the tip wear and it doesn't look as fresh as it could.

In this photo the polish appears very green.

In this photo you can see the purple and blue shift.

This photo, also, features my 5 year old's mani. She wanted OPI DS Fantasy with OPI Mad As A Hatter over top. Very cute! She got 3 days out of it, before the polish "fell off" a couple of her nails, which often happens to her with her tiny nails. It looks blue here.

I am happy with the way the nails turned out, but application was difficult. The brushes were a bit wonky, with stray bristles jutting out. This is my first expirience with Borghese polish and I am not impressed. $8.00 is a little pricey for a drug store polish, especially one with such lousey application.

Here's a better photo of my little girl's OPI DS Fantasy + OPI Mas As A Hatter


  1. I totally did not understand the fascination with this polish, but thanks to your photos is now a lemming! guess i'm going to rite aid at lunch!

  2. You mean Almondine? Yes, its..different... I like it, but it bores me a little.