Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ChG Empowerment + NOPI Love Your Life

3 coats of Empowerment. The polish looks better in these photos than it looks right now in shade. I don't know if it changed colors or if its just the different lighting. It looks so pale and soft in the photo, but currently its a less flattering (for me) warmer, louder pink.

The formula on Empowerment was a little thick and goopey. I thinned it, but it got goopey again by the next coat.

Love Your Life was thick. Not the easiest to apply, but it worked out. It seems to have tiny pink and light blue glitter in it. I wonder if this is a dupe for the UK Valentine's 2009 polish, Be Mine You're Fine!

I think I need to find a cooler pink cream that looks like Empowerment to make me happy! Hmm maybe one of those OPI Hong Kong pinks?

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