Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look what I just got!

Clarins 230, originally uploaded by kennasmomma.

Clarins 230. I paid way more than I have for any single polish, ever. They call it Unicorn Pee, because it is magical and full of rainbows.

Here's the folklore. Supposedly, after the original runs of this polish, the supplier of the magical pigment mysteriously ran out of it. Clarins knew they had a problem. They tried all sorts of substitutes to recreate 230, but alas, the results were never the same. The polish could not be reproduced, so Clarins discontinued it.

NP addicts speculate that someone associated with Clarins knew of the sadness this would bring to the NP world. They stashed away a few cases of the magical Unicorn Pee and are now making some money. Insider trading, anyone?

I decided to grab it before it disappears forever. Not a great investment, but I love it and now it lives with me.

What I can't figure out is what is this pigment made of? How is it not reproducible? As much as I love NP, I know very little of the science involved in the pigments. You know me and my need for knowledge. I need to know more!

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